What Satisfied Clients Are Saying

I first went to see Dr. Jeruchim in 1991. I had dropped out of college in 10 weeks and had a really bad breakup. I had isolated myself from friends and felt that my life was over. Dr. Jeruchim restored my hope and the optimism that I once had. She taught me ways to fight my depression. Through her help, my worrying about things I could not change diminished. I became more productive and more proactive. I got back in into college graduate in four years and was able to restore the self confidence I had lost.

Fast forward 25 years I have been married for 17 years and have three children. To say my life is overwhelming would be an understatement. My therapist retired and I needed to find a new one. Dr. Jeruchim was still practicing so we meet again. My relationship with my wife is stronger than ever. I couldn't be happier and my life is getting easier to manage.

- From Jack

I have had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Jeruchim for the past almost three years. I had seen other therapists in my late teens and mid-20s, but was not comfortable in working with them further than a few sessions as I did not trust that they were able to or truly willing to focus on treating the core of my anxiety and depression.

After the first couple of sessions with Dr. Jeruchim, her patience, honesty, and willingness to listen to me created an environment of trust. I was able to tell her the good and the bad of my life up until that point. Early in my therapy with her, I was able to recognize and accept that therapy would take time as she helped me understand the importance and worth of working through my issues. For the first time, I felt I was worth the effort it would take for me to feel happiness.

Dr. Jeruchim was able to guide me through exploring and pinpointing some key past experiences that I shared with her. She carefully pushed me to be honest with myself. This led me to better understand myself and my actions. I didn't realize the impact of these experiences until she helped me explore them further. This led me to better my relationships with my family and spouse. Most importantly, Dr. Jeruchim helped me forgive myself and learn from my mistakes.

Today, I am more aware, more giving, more respectful, happier, and more confident within myself due to the work she has done with me over the last three years.

I highly and solely recommend Dr. Jeruchim to anyone considering therapy or not 100% satisfied with their current therapist. For me, the sessions I have had with Dr. Jeruchim have led to one of the greatest turning points of my life. I continue to very much look forward to our sessions.

- From Jennifer