About Joan

Dr. Joan Jeruchim is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a compassionate, enthusiastic therapist using a practical and common-sense approach, with a particular emphasis on motivation and achievement.

She has 25 years experience working with adults and college students. The sessions are geared toward working with you so you can overcome your challenges and help you achieve all of your goals and aspirations.

Some of her areas of expertise include treating anxiety and depression. She has had success in improving motivation and achievement by developing the healthy and striving parts of each individual. She has a strong interest in women’s issues, particularly handling stress and life changes. One of her specialties is working with college students who experience anxiety, depression, behavioral, and attention issues. She also helps solve career and education underachievement.

Dr. Jeruchim is the co-author of the book "Women, Mentors, and Success", and has interviewed hundreds of successful women as part of her research.

Joan is a member of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association and the Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists.

Her office in Philadelphia is conveniently close to public transportation.